Hey, my name's Rosalie. I'm a 23 year old from Scotland who recently got a Bachelous of Arts with Honours in Music. My dream is to one day be a successful video-game composer and singer. I'm a huge geek and I'm super passionate about games, anime, manga, graphic novels, lolita - you name it. I cosplay too!

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 Space Cowboys' huntin'.
For a cosplay meet this year..

I’m so going to wear my Ponyo wig, bring my green bucket, wear my Ponyo bloomers but have on a pretty red dress and be like ‘adult Ponyo’, haha.

As I haven’t made her actual dress yet.

Good idea? :D 

  1. ryuuzakimasato7 said: YES. :D
  2. gunstargreen said: what cons/meets are you going to this year?
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