Hey, my name's Rosalie. I'm a 23 year old from Scotland who recently got a Bachelous of Arts with Honours in Music. My dream is to one day be a successful video-game composer and singer. I'm a huge geek and I'm super passionate about games, anime, manga, graphic novels, lolita - you name it. I cosplay too!

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This is a blog dedicated to all things geek with a personal touch.

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I also run FYAVGN & FYCowboyBebopCosplay.



 Space Cowboys' huntin'.
rickardontherecord replied to your photo:Me as Ivy at the Kitacon IV masquerade! Photo by…Ivy is one of my faves - any other pics, yet? Cal-R

Did a photoshoot with Bryan but he’s still getting through his pics!
I’ve seen them before post processing and they look amazing!
So, so, excited! :D
So the Kitacon spam will continue! 

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