Hey, my name's Rosalie. I'm a 23 year old from Scotland who recently got a Bachelous of Arts with Honours in Music. My dream is to one day be a successful video-game composer and singer. I'm a huge geek and I'm super passionate about games, anime, manga, graphic novels, lolita - you name it. I cosplay too!

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The Surprise I Got!

I got taken to my favourite Japanese place in Edinburgh, Tangs, for an amazing late lunch where I was also given my hand-made card!

Inside, as you can see, it reads ‘I Choose You’ and it also contained tickets to one of my favourite bands that are playing in Glasgow (third time seeing them, woo!) and a drawing saying that he has pre-ordered Mass Effect 3 for me!~

We then went for cocktails and pudding then went home and it was my surprise’s time to shine! Which I’ve already told you about.

Amazing day was amazing! 

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